Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Always Reliable Makfax says 6 Feb Independence Day

Here's a quick clip from Makfax, quoting Radio Kosovo.  Independence may be declared on 6 February.

The independence of Kosovo will be declared on 6 February, Radio Kosovo cited sources close to the Kosovo's PM Hashim Thaci as saying. Radio Kosovo said that the document on declaration of independence will be adopted on 6 February in the Kosovo's Parliament, which would be followed by recognition by other countries. The same source added that the Parliament has already embarked upon preparations for that historic event, but did not specify whether will the European Union act in package or the recognition would be carried out by each country individually.

There was a lot in the media today about the EU and US having coordinated a date with the local government.  We'll see what happens.


SQJTaipei said...

People who love Taiwan are watching the Kosovo situation with great interest. Taiwan is a land of 23 million people... with a flag, money, and army, a territory, etc... a de facto independent nation... and yet most of the world will not recognize Taiwan's sovereignty due to pressure from China and that no one seems willing to stick up for Taiwan, including the UN.

Anonymous said...

Taiwan belongs to China. Kosovo is Serbia. Stupid dumbass Americans and their stupid Demoncracy