Thursday, January 10, 2008

Skype To Go: Make calls from any phone, including your mobile

I've mentioned, numerous times, how much money Skype has saved our parent organization. Skype To Go is part of the Skype Pro plan and allows you to call nearly anyone from your land line or mobile at really attractive rates.

I can see US mission executives or regional leaders embracing this kind of solution for lowering their tel-com expenditures as well as giving them more calling options.

Here's the latest information from the Skype Blogs:

How does the new To Go number work? It’s simple:

  • Sign up to a local Skype to Go number which you can call from anywhere in your country. See below for available Skype to Go countries.
  • Register online by adding up to six of your favourite friends phone numbers or Skype addresses you want to reach.
  • A friendly Skype voice will also guide you on the phone to tap in a phone number or select one of your six favourite friends from your speed dial list.

What are the costs?

  • Skype Pro subscription fee is €2 (€2.30 with VAT included) per month
  • The cost of a local call to your Skype to Go number (maybe part of your inclusive minutes, mobile or otherwise)
  • Plus the cost of the SkypeOut call to the country of destination number

The last item really bears checking out.  For example, the last time I checked, it was just as in/expensive to call from the US to Kosovo through Skype as through a Warehouse store calling card.


JoLuGo said...

Hi, Thanks for the info. Before I was using something called MyToGo, its the same thing but it runs locally in your computer. With this now I can call up to 10,000 minutes to my familly in Mexico City from my cellphone, pretty much for free. The skype subscription that includes mexico is 5 dollars a month and I have the skype to go number as part of my frequent calling numbers.

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment; glad the post was helpful. Are you still using MyToGo?

JoLuGo said...

now because now it says that the version is expired, thats why I was looking for an alternative. I knew about Skype to go but didnt realize how it worked.