Tuesday, January 22, 2008

James Blunt music video recalls the tragedy

I don't know how I missed this music video, but it is absolutely worth three and a half minutes. As the push for independence crawls on, as various US, EU, Serbian and Russian diplomats take the world stage with their proxies in tow, it is all to easy to forget what really happened here.

Award-winning, and Grammy Nominee James Blunt  wrote the song, "No Bravery" while an officer in the British Army serving in Kosovo.  As a captain Blunt was the first British officer to enter the capital, Prishtina, in 1999.

This music video relates some of his experience.

via FreeKosova


Anthony said...

Powerful video. Please forgive me if this is an ignorant question, but to whom does the "he" refer when the artist says "He has been here?"

Thanks for posting this,

Jeff said...

Anthony, thanks for your comment. I actually posted this to the wrong blog...ooops! I hadn't even realized it.

The "he" in the song is the Serbian regular army and paramilitary troops that killed thousands and drove half the population from Kosovo during the 1999 war.

Sorry everyone for this unintentional cross-post. It was supposed to go to One Missionary in Kosovo"