Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Typeroom Simplifies Web Page Editing Online

Many of us have been in the situation where someone has done some web-design work for us for free and then wandered off our social graph.  You either don't have time to change the site, or you don't know enough HTML to pull it off.  Your donated website ends up languishing somewhere, unloved, un-updated, un-hit.

Typeroom may provide the answer for you.  Typeroom is a web-based site design tool, but with a twist.  It allows you to do web design with its layout tools, as do many other companies in this space.  But Typeroom allows you to enter a specific web site which it then copies to its own servers for editing.  Once on their servers you can edit the site with their WYSIWIG editing tools.  You can take that old, donated site and spruce it up to your heart's content.

Once you've made your edits Typeroom can reload the finished product back to your own server.  Check out the video for a better explanation.

Right now Typeroom is in closed Beta, but if I can wrangle an invite I'll let you know.  I have a languishing website that badly needs editing.

via TechCrunch


bernie said...

Great info Jeff. I hope this coems out of beta as a useable product. I have had several who have laid out the same situation: wonderfully gracious people who will donate a site, but the entire thing goes to seed for lack of new information.

That's why I am a HUGE fan of Wordpress. It's got incredible flexibility and functionality - yet, is fairly easy to set up and use. Once the thing's set up it's easily maintained and updated with Windows Live writer (I am experimenting with a couple of such offline blogging tools for Mac. I found a little free deal called Qumana that seems to be doing the trick.)

Thanks again! This is good stuff!

Dr. D's Diagnosis said...

Oh Jeffery, this is hot . . . please let us know when it goes public! D