Thursday, January 10, 2008

Xobni getting good press, offers Outlook plug-in

Xobni (inbox spelled backwards) is a windows-only, freeware application that adds some pretty neat features to Microsoft Outlook.  Some of these features are really gee-whiz and some actually seem pretty useful.

imageBasically Xobni adds another panel to the right side of Outlook which displays all kinds of helpful information about your email.

It displays some of the sender's contact info, the frequency of their emails, times at which they're sent, etc.  It also provides threading for your conversations, which is actually pretty neat too.  That is, you can click on a particular conversation and Xobni will assemble the thread in the panel.

Check out the video for a better explanation.

Both TechCrunch and LifeHacker have good write ups (and invite codes to boot).  See also Web Worker Daily and Mashable as well. 

Xobni is in private beta at the moment.  I've got 5 invites if anyone is interested in trying it out.

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Anonymous said...

hey jeff,
that looks really interesting.
can i get an invite?
you can send it to henrymuiatsvac-cmadotorg


Jeff said...

Henry, thanks for stopping by. Just leave me an email address and I'll have one sent on its way.

Prateek said...

Hi Jeff,

I am really interested in checking out Xobni. Please send me an invite if you can.
My email id is

Jeff said...

Prateek, your invite is on its way. Thanks for stopping by.

Prateek said...

Thanks a lot Jeff.

Jeff said...

Sorry Henry. Your invite is on its way. I missed your email address that you wrote in plain site.

dave said...


Just in case there's another xobni opp left, I'd love to try it.

Thanks and God bless your work.


Rose said...

Hi - I'd like an invite also please. if any are left.

thanks for an interesting blog !

SQJTaipei said...

Can you convince me to use Outlook again? :-)

Jeff said...

Hey everyone. I sent out some invites but got stuck. Unrelated to either Outlook or Xobni, but to a broken Nero installation, I did a system restore which broke a number of things, including the Xobni install. The Xobni installation files also disappeared and I'm trying, through customer support, to get another install/invite code. So for now, no new updates.

Scott (SQPJTaipai), if you haven't looked at Outlook2007 you should check it out. The task management is great, as is the interoperability between tasks, mail, calendar and, above all OneNote!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff, Thanks for the Xobni feedback. This looks very interesting. Here is my email in case you have am extra invite. Thanks! 7eric7 [at] gmail

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the invite Jeff.
I've been using xobni for about 2wks now... I agree with the performance lag that Outlook takes but so far i'm liking it. its been particularly useful as i input info into my calendar and have the email in the xobni panel instead of having to flip back and forth.

haven't done anything with the analytics yet but i give you my thoughts when i get the chance to.

MadScientist said...

Are you all out of invites? I'd love to get one!

Jeff said...

Hey Eric and MadScientist,
Thanks for your comments guys. As per my last comment, I don't have any more invitations available. Sorry about that!

Chaulks, I like the analytics too, but I'm not sure what I do with them other then appease my curiosity. :)

Take care all! Thanks for stopping by.

Jim said...

hey i know i'm probably fighting a losing battle, but i really need a xobni ivite code, if anyone knows where to get one, email me at jimbobcarnie [at], thanks a lot

Jeff said...

Sorry Jim, I don't have any left. Thanks for

Alex said...

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