Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Beta for Skype and Skype Pro premiers

If you're a Skype user there are a couple of things you may want to be aware of.  First, the beta of skype 3.1 was released today.  As always, it's beta, so use at your own risk.  It has some nice new features, including the long-awaited "typing indicator."  That is, when in chat you'll be notified when other people are typing.  Read more about the beta here.

The second is about the release of Skype Pro.  If you're in Europe this may be worth looking into:

The Skype Pro subscription deal includes:

  • Zero cents per minute calling to domestic landlines in your country — this means you can talk as long as you like and only pay the connection fee (3.9 cents or equivalent) for each call that you make to domestic landlines
  • Free Skype Voicemail (normally €15 per year)
  • €30 discount on SkypeIn numbers
  • €5 Skype Credit included as part of the introductory offer (see below)
  • A €30 discount on a Philips VoIP 841 cordless phone.
  • A €10 discount on an SMC WiFi phone.
  • Money off a series of Skype Extras.

Bonus: If you get there quickly, you can purchase Skype Pro on a five month basis for €10 and receive €5 Skype credit absolutely free.

Details here.

Friday, February 16, 2007

AllFreeCalls Shut Down

Sorry for the light posting this last week.  I'm home for a few days in between speaking commitments and I'm mostly "fasting" from the Internet more or less.

I blogged about AllFreeCalls a couple of weeks ago and now it appears that they're shot down for the time being.  I just thought you may want to know :)

Check out TechCrunch for more info.