Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Google Extra gives you more in your search

Ryan at Cybernet has posted a great little greasemonkey script that gives you more bang for your (free) Google Search buck.  It's called "Google Extra" and it utilizes the abundant right-side white space that a Google search normally gives you.

If you look at the search below on "Kosovo" with the script enabled you'll notice a number of areas that have been added to the return.


First, on the left column, is a short section of news returns and then, underneath, the normal Google search list.  On the right column, which is normally just white-space you'll find an image section, followed by videos, Wikipedia and dictionary.com entry.  [Note, I have an additional image group at the top of the left column.  That's an artifact from another script or plug-in.]

You can re-order the right-hand column returns.  Hovering over an image or video shows you a larger version of the image or thumbnails from the video.

Get the script here.

Via DownloadSquad

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Jim said...

That's kinda cool - thanks for the tip! :)