Sunday, April 06, 2008

Great SugarSync demo video

There has been a lot happening in the on-line storage and sync space recently. For example, here, here, here, here, and here.

Back in January I wrote about a new player in sync/backup called SugarSync.  SugarSync, which is new to sync/backup but not to online services, backs up everything (or as much of everything as you choose).  It also syncs with all your chosen devices (Mac, Windows & phone) and makes it all available, through a secure connection, to any Internet-connected computer.

The below video shows a great demo of how the product works which James Kendrik pointed out.

After using it in beta for several months I bought a one-year subscription, which set me back $25.  I rarely buy services or software always preferring FREE.  But this was too good a service to pass up.  [DISCLAIMER: After buying a one-year subscription, the kind folks at SugarSync gave me a free life-time 100GB plan (though they didn't refund my $25 :) ).]

Honestly, I now worry far less about lugging my laptop around knowing that I can get anything I need wherever there's an Internet connected computer.  And while I have a fairly robust backup strategy in place, it's only as good as it's weakest link...which is usually me.

If you're looking for an online backup and synchronization service SugarSync is worth a look.


bernie Anderson said...

Hey Jeff! Long time no hear from! Glad to see MGeek back in action! This is actually a helpful post. I have been looking for a good online storage solution. The issue is that I would like to find something that will also allow me some file sharing, as well. Does this allow that, somehow?

Jeff said...

Hey thanks for the note! I had the flu for a while and then went on a "content fast" for about a month. It's good to be back.

SugarSync doesn't provide for file-sharing, as far as I know. It was included in a survey of wanted features that I took as part of the beta (I gave it the highest possible score). You can file-share in a way, but it means giving the share-ee the userid and pwd to your account, which obviously isn't optimal :) does a good job of file sharing, plus there is an Office plug-in for it and Zoho Documents can use it for storage. The latter makes collaboration easy.

Good to hear from you too Bernie.