Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Flickr slideshows...without the fuss

I’ve really taken to using Flickr, a web-based photo-hosting site on steroids.  Flickr allows you to upload huge numbers of pictures every month for free.  That’s not unusual these days, but Flickr also makes good use of “tags,” which is an easy way to organize and share your photos.  How do I use it?

We have a lot of short term teams that come to visit.  Each of these 5–10 people comes with a digital camera.  When the trip is over, I gather all their photos and upload the good ones to Flickr.  We just had a group come from the South Pacific District of our denomination, the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  Want to see the best photos from the week?  Just click here.

But what if I want to send you a slide show without all of Flickr’s sometimes messy interface?  Enter Splashr, a front end for Flickr slide-shows.  When you go to the Splashr homepage you’ll find a very simple interface that allows you to select Flickr tags or users or both.  You can also customize how the slide-show will be presented.


You can see in the tags field I’ve entered “sttspd” which is my tag for “Short-Term Team, South Pacific District”.  After selecting your display options, click Next and you’ll be taken to a summary page with the slide-show link, an option to email the link, etc.  To view the slide show, click the link that is shown and you’ll see something like…













This is a pretty slick way to give folks back home of the latest pictures of their friends and family without them needing to use Flickr directly.

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