Thursday, May 04, 2006

Check outSkype 2.5 BETA...supports SMS

I’ve mentioned countless times how much money Skype saves our mission organization.  It has saved us so much that our regional director now actively encourages us to pursue broad-band-ish connections wherever we can.

Yesterday Skype released version 2.5 beta, which includes at least one awesome new feature.  You can now send SMS messages to any phone in the world through Skype.  I downloaded it and tried to send my self and SMS and….surprise it worked.  This surprised me a little because Kosovo is a bit of a telecommunications island.  Internet works fine here, but the telcom situation is a bit pathetic.  Kosovo’s single, legal mobile operator is actually operated out of Monaco and I can’t SMS my colleagues who live across the border in Macedonia, though they can SMS me.  Weird, I know.

How does it work?  Simple

1. Open the SMS window

2.  Choose the recipients

3. Write and send the message

That’s it.  Pretty sweet, eh?  Normally it costs real money to send SMS from my phone…from Skype, it’s free.

via TechCrunch

UPDATE:  Okay, I was wrong.  SMS isn’t free, it actually cost me € .078 per message…that’s a lot cheaper than my local provider.. but not quite free.

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Mark said...

Thanks for the tip, Jeff. I got your message fine. I'll have to see about downloading the beta.

Mark Brink