Saturday, May 27, 2006

Great Outlook and OneNote Integration

Chris Pratley, the OneNote guru just posted some great information on how tightly Outlook and OneNote are integrated together.  They always have been, but now much more so.  I’ve really enjoyed some of these features in the beta 1 release, but now they’re so much better.

For instance, you can now link back and forth between calendar items, to-dos and contacts.  For instance, say you have a contact and you want to gather research about that person or business.  Simply click the OneNote icon and you’ll be linked to a OneNote Page.

You’ll notice a OneNote button both on the main contacts windows and also on the right side of the individual contact menu.  When you click that button you’ll automatically be taken to a new OneNote page where you can add information, and websites to your hearts content.  Check out Chris’s blog post for all the other ways you can use the built-in integration of OneNote and Outlook.




There are more great features here than I can possibly elaborate on at one time…I’ll save more for later.

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