Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TabletBible for OneNote 2007 coming soon

Rob Bushway is reporting that the Bible in ESV and NKJ versions will be ported to OneNote2007 by July 1st.  Among many other things, Rob runs TabletBible.com where he has ported the Bible for PlanPlus and GoBinder

The picture to the left, which comes from Rob’s Bible site, is an example of the type of thing one can do with the Bible on a Tablet PC.  Highlight, take notes in your own handwriting, etc.

I had the privilege of being one the “beta testers” for the Bible in OneNote and it has some real potential.  Imagine sitting in church or in a Bible study with the Biblical text open on your left.  As the speaker or teacher does his thing, his message is recorded into OneNote.  You take notes on the important points and maybe add hyperlinks to commentaries, other passages or your previous notes.

OneNote makes all of this information searchable including the audio content you’ve recorded.  OneNote also indexes your notes to the audio you’re recording.  That is, when you go back later to review, you can select a particular note you’ve scrawled and hear exactly what was recorded when you wrote that note.  Of course, all of this is native to OneNote, but there is a lot of work that goes into formatting the Bible and getting it ready to work in OneNote.

Great work Rob!

GottaBeMobile.com - TabletBible for OneNote 2007 coming soon.

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