Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get automatic updates when someone adds pictures to their Flickr site

I’ve made the decision to use Flickr as my online photo host.  That’s no surprise, it’s one of the most popular services out there and it’s free.  Now you can get automatic updates when someone adds pictures to their site, or adds pictures marked with a particular tag.  Go to Notifyr and check it out (ya, I know…it’s yet another snazzy “-yr” site.

It is pretty slick though.  Below is picture of the window I used to automatically send my mom updates when I add pictures of my two daughters.  Within a couple of minutes she shot me an email and said, “Hey!  Thanks for doing that!”


As you can see in the pic you can also send links to email recipients.  For instance, we just said good-bye to a short-term team from the US today.  If I’d known about Notifyr I could have sent their family members an email with this link: . After they clicked the link they would be taken to the Notifyr site and asked for their email address.  That’s it!  They’d get every picture from of that team as it’s added throughout the week.

Notifyr does some other things too, check out the site.


Nir said...

Great to hear you found it useful - that's exactly the type of thing I thought people would use it for!

(And sorry about the cheesy name, it's kind of a tradition to name flickr-tools like that ;))

Jeff said...

This is a really helpful tool and I hope you have good luck developing it! Thanks for your work and for dropping by.