Saturday, October 28, 2006

Treo 680 Pricing from Cingular in

Engadget is reporting the new pricing on the Treo 680 from Cingular:

Treo 680: $424.99 straight, $349.99 one year, $249.99 one year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate), $274.99 two year, $174.99 two year with unlimited data (and $100 rebate; their ad, however, shows a $200 list price, but it's good to know we can count on around two Benjamins. Expect it November 5th (tentative).

This is apparently based on an Cingular marketing presentation that you can find here (PowerPoint presentation).  But included in that deck is some pretty good comparison charts on the 650, 680 and 700P/W.  If you’re into that, check it out.

The 680 will apparently become available from Cingular on Nov 4th.

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