Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Firefox 2, tweaks and TabMixPlus

By now you’ve probably heard that Firefox 2, the ever popular browser was released yesterday (download it here).  What you may not know is that there are lots of ways to tweak ‘fox through the about:config set of parameters.  You can adjust things like the scrolling behavior, which I wrote about here and a whole host of other things.  Lifehacker has a list of the most obvious ones here.

That saddest thing about ‘fox 2 for me has been the loss of Tab Mix Plus, which hasn’t been compatible with the most recent builds.  However, commenter murph2481 points out that the bet of TMP for Firefox 2 is available here.  This has really made my day as it gives you control over where you’re new tabs will appear, which links create new tabs and which don’t (history, links, other apps, etc) and a whole host of other great stuff.  It apparently isn’t perfect, but it works fine for me.

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