Thursday, October 05, 2006

More team tools

From time to time I post new services that may be helpful to geographically-disbursed, communicationally-challenged groups.  Google Groups just announced some upgrades to their popular discussion groups.

Use it for information about your group, shared documents, or anything you want to publish online. Any member can view, contribute to, and comment on the pages, from right within your group.

In less than about three minutes I set up a group for our particular field:Googlegroups (Small)

For missionaries with decent internet access this would made a handy place for ongoing field discussions, posting of organizational documents, mailing lists, etc.

When a group member makes changes to the site all the group members can be notified by email or xml feed.

And of course, its all free and very intuitive.

via Lifehacker


Andrew said...

I just set up a couple, one for the seminary where I work, and one for our TV production team. I am having problems with the language settings, especially in Beta mode, I cannot get everything to appear in Portuguese. Is this a beta thing?

Jeff said...

Andrew, I'm not sure. I've googled around the "groups help" a little but haven't found anything helpful. The new groups thing was built on top of the older google groups so I would think multi-langauge support would be expected. Sorry I can't be more help.