Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Embedding a Flickr slideshow in your site or blog

Jordan over at DownloadSquad writes about how to embed a Flickr slideshow into a blog or website.  All you need is this script:

<iframe align="center" src="
user_id=12345678@N00&tags=YOUR_TAGS" frameBorder="0" "width=500" height="500" scrolling="no

You have to replace the green user_id and tag fields with your own. If you are a Flickr user and don’t know your user_id click here and a little app will tell you.  You use whatever photos you want from your Flickr site.  I tagged a bunch “slideshow” for use on my website.

If you want to see how this might be used you can check out my effort here.  I’m a pretty lame web designer, but little tricks like this help brighten things up a little.  You should note that in the comments section of the DownloadSquad post there are other ways to do this as well.



Andrew said...

I have done worked well for me, but it was a little tricky getting it to fit within the parameters of the site.

Jeff said...

Andrew, those both look nice. Are those short-term teams in the pictures? It would be cool to post a short-term team flickr feed on "one's blog for the folks back home. Maybe I'll try that with our next team.

Andrew said...

Yeah, that was a youth team we hosted this last summer. They did an outstanding job.

Fabio said...

Hi Jeff, I've created a Flickr SlideShow Generator based on Jordan's How To, it's a very simple application made in Flash and allows users to generate the Slideshows based on differents options (user id, group id, set id, tags) allowing them to preview the resulting slideshow.

Hope you like it.