Friday, October 13, 2006

Palm announces the "low price" Treo 680

There have been rumors of (several) new Treo’s floating around for months.  Then a few months ago Palm released the 700p, which is the Palm version of their first-ever Windows Mobile 700w.   Yesterday Palm announced the Treo 680 which should come in under $250.  Check out the pictures from the Gizmodo post.

The 680 isn’t ground-breaking in terms of features, but it does open up the Treo line to a whole new demographic who want a cheaper, but full-featured smart phone.  I’ve been watching Ebay for months for a good price on a Treo 650.  Since the release of the 700p prices on 650’s have begun to drop slightly, but not quickly or sharply enough.  The 680 may be the smart-phone for a guy like me who wants a full-featured phone with Palm OS but doesn’t have a corporate budget to back up the purchase.

Here are some of the specs from the Palm site:

64MB user storage Memory
320 x 320 pixel TFT touchscreen 
352 x 288 pixel resolution Digital Camera
Full QWERTY key layout with backlighting
Expansion Slot for SD I/O cards
See also this good post from Treonauts here.

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