Thursday, October 19, 2006

More on the Treo 680

Brian over at Brighthand has a nice little review of the new Treo 680 I mentioned a few days ago.  This is really going to be an interesting line-up, especially for those of us who aren’t looking for a high-end ‘smartphone.’  I was really interested in the 700p but it has built-in support for high-speed EVDO which won’t do me a bit of good where I live in Kosovo.  I need a quadband

It also has 64MB of memory, twice that of the 650 and support for 2GB SD cards for all that multimedia content that’s fun to carry around.  Also, according to Bryan:

To further make the Treo 680 an outstanding value, Palm is offering a bundle, for the foreseeable future, that includes many of the accessories that new buyers need right away. This kit includes a 1 GB SecureDigital card, a headset, and a 30-day trial to Yahoo Music Unlimited.


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