Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Using OneNote to handle your task lists

There's a great post on "Scharnetzki’s line of reasoning" about using OneNote to manage projects and tasks.  The way he describes his workflow is almost exactly how I manage mine.  Using a notebook section as a project folder works perfectly for me.  I can push an email to the proper project folder with a push of a button (see his post for details.  Using pages and sub-pages I can easily find emails, quotes and copied web-pages germane to the project.

My only difference is that Scharnetzki seems uses the "to-do' tag in OneNote to keep all of his tasks together, but also keeping his tasks in OneNote.  I use Outlook as my work "dashboard" and all of my tasks have to end up there.  I want all my tasks in one place where I can see them.  Fortunately, OneNote and Outlook synchronize bi-directionally making it moot where you put your task!



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