Saturday, June 16, 2007

Get Productive with Windows Live Writer - Guide for Power Bloggers

 Amit Agarwal wrote a great guide to using Windows Live Writer, my favorite off-line blog post editor.  I learned quite a bit from this post, including the fact that you can just paste a video's embed code right into WLW normal view.  WLW will automatically notice it's embedded code and treat it accordingly.

Amit also talks about the new "links glossary" feature which I didn't even know existed.  If you're a WLW user, be sure to read this post.

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Mr. SQJ said...

WLW is a great tool for blogging. I previously used Blogdesk... and I *love* the way Blogdesk handles images, but I use WLW almost 100% of the time now. It is nice to see MS software playing nicely with non-MS apps... in my case, Wordpress.

Jeff said...

I agree. It's hard to beat, especially when it's free :). I think MS has had a change of heart lately about playing nice with others.

Laura said...

Hi Jeff, I just left a message on an older post of yours but have since downloaded WLW. My question is about uploading photos. I am getting an error message and have since read that Blogger doesn't host images and I need a FTP. You also have blogger - what do you use to be able to upload photos from WLW to your blog? That's the whole reason I went with it, otherwise I could just type online. I must be missing something - how can this be such a great tool if it's difficult to upload photos, a very basic element in nearly every blog? I'm a true novice - I don't even know what FTP is! Thanks for any help, Laura

Jeff said...

Laura, in order to use WLW to post up pictures you have to host them somwhere. It can't post them directly to Blogger. There are two ways around this.

First, you can configure WLW to automatically send (FTP) your pictures up to another computer on the web. When you posted is uploaded Bloggers gets the picture from that site. This is what I do and it's very, very easy once it's configured and assuming you have access to a computer on the web (host).

The other option is to use Flickr to host your pictures. You can add a plug-in to WLW that will utilize Flickr instead of other another host or Blogger's picture hosting capabilities.

WLW does make adding photos (or videos) incredibly easy....once it's set up. Hope that helps, if not feel free to comment or email me at singfiel(at)