Monday, June 11, 2007

20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

Over at Dumb Little Man we find a list of 20 tips for good Google Searches.  Some of this you may have seen before.  Here are my favorites:

7. Definitions - This is my favorite!  Simply type "define:" and your word and you'll get back several definitions from popular dictionaries.

8. Calculator - I use this one all the time.  Just type: 835/15 into the search bar and get the results.  You can use +, -. * and / for simple math.

10. Site-specific search - There are times when I want search results only from a particular website.  For instance, sometimes I'm looking for a particular person in my parent organization.  Simply enter: Smith and see the results from only that domain.

15. Unit Converter - "Enter: 35 miles in kilometers" and get the answer back: 35 miles = 56.32704 kilometers

Here were some new ones for me that I need to try:

13. Movie show times - Enter "movie:," the title of the movie and your zip code and you'll see the returns for all the show times for your flick.

16. Types of numbers - you can enter telephone numbers, ISBN numbers, patent numbers and a several others and get results specific to that item.

The others are great too.  Make sure you check out the post for the other 14 great tricks.

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