Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Skype for Mac goes to v.2.6, adds call transfer

I'm not a Mac user, but my wife is.  I thought I'd show a little Mac love by pointing out that everyone's favorite VOIP application has just been updated and released.  It's an interesting update too because Skype is releasing a new feature in the Mac version before it's released in the Windows (Windoze, for you clever Mac users) version.

Skype has introduced a new call-transfer feature that is exclusive to the Mac platform. Users can now select More > Call Transfer to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user on their contact list. This will be a useful feature for businesses and families alike.

Sounds like a great feature.  I've often wanted to be able to transfer a call from my computer to my wife's while talking about mission business.  Good move.

via JKonTheRun's Twitter feed

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