Thursday, May 03, 2007

Joost: TV wherever you are

Don't have any access to English TV programming in your neck of the wood?  Not to worry...or at least soon you won't have to worry.  Created by Skype founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, Joost promises to bring TV to you through your internet connection. Joost has been hyped for quite a while and in truth, it has a beautiful interface and stunning video quality (on my mediocre broadband connection).

Thus far the channel offerings have been a little lame.  You can watch the Comedy Channel, MTV, National Geographic and a bunch of other not-so-interesting channels.  In fact, a lot of the content isn't completely family friendly.

But things are beginning to get more interesting.  The news is that CNN, Sony and quite likely, NHL, have signed deals to put their content on Joost. 

Joost is now in "invite" mode.  If you would like an invite so that you can download and try this for yourself, let me know, either by posting a comment with your email address or sending me an email.


via TechCrunch, DownloadSquad and DownloadSquad


Andrew said...

Hey, I would love to check that out!

brazilnut72 (at)

Cecil said...

I was too slow on LifeHacker, maybe you can help this brother with an invite? cecma.t [at] gmail


華榮光 said...

I'd enjoy an invite also Jeff. Thx.
Mark E

Jeff said...

Mark & Cecil, I sent you both invites. Mark, I'm sorry I called you Cecil too.

Jeff said...

There you go Andrew. Hope you enjoy it. I'm curious how it will work from somewhere other than North America. let us know.

Michael said...

Oh man, I love the commercial! can you throw an invite my way?

Jeff said...

Michael, you'll have to give me an address and I'll be happy to send one.

Jerry said...

Sign me up if you still can.

Jerry Gahagan

Jeff said...

Guys, I'm sorry about this but I recently reinstalled Windows on my Tablet and now Joost won't install. The only way to send invites is from within the Joost app. But all is not lost. You can get invites here