Friday, May 18, 2007

Gmail integrating PowerPoint presentation tool

It is clear that Google is enlarging its office-like offerings.  While they already offer Word & Excel counterparts, a PowerPoint counterpart is on its way, though has been largely rumor-ware up until now.

Now some Gmail accounts are now showing a "view as sideshow" options for Gmail with a PowerPoint attachment.

If you click on sideshow a flash-based player is opened and away you go.

The player gives you a number of options, including one to "embed this presentation," assumedly in a website or blog.

This hasn't been enabled in my account, but it looks like very, very handy product.  Imagine going anywhere on missionary tour and never actually needing PowerPoint to show your decks.  It's all in the "cloud".

Pictures via LifeHacker and Google Blogscoped


And said...

It's official...Google is taking over the world.

Jeff said...

It's getting interesting, isn't it.
Why Google Fears Microsoft, big time
Long may they both live.