Sunday, May 13, 2007

8 Tips for Better Bookmarking

I haven't written about, my all time favorite  bookmark manager, since October but it remains at the center of how I keep track of stuff on the Internet.

Web Worker Daily has a great post on how to use more effectively.  They offer eight tips for better bookmarking and a number of commenters have chimed in with tips of their own.  If you don't use something to manage your  bookmarks you're missing out.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for that list. Your posts here are very helpful!

Have you heard of clipmarks? I have found it to be very useful for research and bookmarking--and it has a feature that automatically saves what you clip in

Jeff said...

Thanks Andrew, I appreciate the encouragement.

I heard about clipmarks a few weeks back when I listened to a podcast on Duct Tape Marketing with its founder

I've been using it here and there, but haven't exactly found how to incorporate it into my toolbox. But I didn't know that I could automatically save clips to! That's very cool! Thanks for the tip.

I just went to my account and enabled that feature. I think I'll have a better idea how to use it now.