Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Secrets of a Great Handshake

Everyone has to shake hands with people occasionally.  Some people do it more than others.  Pastors and missionaries do it a lot.  As with any other “profession,” you only have once chance to make a first impression.  While it may sound really nerdy, few of us have ever had any instruction on how to give a proper handshake.  Seriously.  This was never taught in seminary and I’m convinced that the result is a long tradition of limp-wristed, flacid, fishy hand-shaking pastors.

Manager Tools is a great website dedicated to offering management advice that is behavior-oriented, actionable and practical.  Why does a missionary give a rip about manager tools?  In the last few months they’ve had some great podcasts on everything from presentations, to managing email, communicating effectively with a boss and working on a team.  Way back in February, Manager Tools featured a great podcast on the handshake.  If you work with people and especially if you meet new people regularly, I’d recommend you give it a listen. 


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