Friday, April 21, 2006

Is Skype a secure way of communicating?

I’ve written before that Skype is saving our mission thousands of dollars each year in telcom costs.  But is it secure?  We have personnel in some fairly hairy places…are they being listened in on?

Probably not, expert testers say.  It turns out that plucking a Skype call out of net traffic is pretty difficult.  Check out the article here.

ExtremeVoIP gave Art Reisman this weighty Sherlock Holmesian assignment- try to get under the hood of Skype and see how easy it is to detect and block. Or not.

Chief Technical Officer of  APConnections, (known for thier NetEqualizer packet-shaper products) Reisman came more than qualified for the assignment. 

But guess what. He came away with the sense that Skype traffic is more difficult to block and detect than Skype's many detractors think it is.

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