Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sony ebooks like iPod is to music?

The Wall Street Journal has an article on Sony's new Reader device. It is the first device to use the new digital ink technology that is supposed to be super good for batteries and super easy on the eyes. If memory serves, it uses the battery only to flip the little pixels from black to write...that it, only when you turn your page.
I love digital books. I probably read more books electronically now than in paper. Do I miss paper books? Sure I do. Do I like having real, genuine paper books on my book shelf? You betcha. BUT, they're horribly inconvenient. Since I always have either my laptop or my Sony CLIE in my pocket, I always have an ebook with me. Maybe it's a novel, maybe it's a free classic or something new from Amazon.
Some time ago I cross-posted Michael Hyatts posts here, here and here. Michael is the CEO or Thomas Nelson and is all eyes on the electronic book market. In some ways this new Sony device has all the makings of a great device. Michael wrote about the necessity of making the product iPod-like...that is, a simple process from purchase to download to grab-and-do. According to the WSJ, several publishers have made arrangements with Sony to do just this...provide an iTunes type experience.
I still don't know what I think about a dedicated ebook reader. I can't envision buying one myself. Why bother when I can buy what I want and read it on my laptop or Palm? the new device boasts 7,500 page turns per charge. But good grief, as bad as the electricity is here in Kosovo, I can still charge my gadets. I don't know, I'm not convinced, but I'm happy to see them try!

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