Friday, January 20, 2006

Loren says: Can software lure you away from the keyboard?

Loren, the creator if InkGestures says:

Marc Orchant: "Ink Gestures has increased my 'Tablet Time' significantly. I've remarked on any number of occasions that I continue to favor the convertible form factor for Tablet PCs because of the amount of writing and editing I do every day. In the short time I've had to experiment with Ink Gestures, I've found that I can now spend a much greater amount of time in slate mode using the pen than has ever been possible before."

My experience is similar. Case in point: I used to never use the built-in ink features in Word. I don't know why. I just never did. Then I stared using InkGestures while working in Word. And my mindset started changing. Word's built-in ink support didn't seem so far removed from how I was working. So I started using it more. I can't imagine going back and only typing in Word.

Yep, one application or one feature can change the way you use another.

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