Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Answering Tablet Questions

Trevor has been writing some high-quality posts lately. His latest is on typical tablet questions. You've definitely got to check this out if you're interetsed in tablets. I don't usually get the kinds of questions other tablet users get. I can't really take my tablet out around town in Kosovo. It's just not appropriate in a place like this. In a country with seventy percent unemployment I try to keep a low profile technologically. My tablet didn't cost any more money than the average high-quality laptop, but it sure looks like it did. Anyway, I second all of Trevor's points here. Plain-old laptop users, we are among you and we are growing stronger. ;)

The Student Tablet PC: Answering Common Tablet Questions
Answering Common Tablet Questions

Owning a tablet makes us a bit more unique than other students (or people in general). Tablets still aren't mainstream, and until they are we tableteers inevitably face all sorts of questions, comments, and criticism about our amazing devices. From the "hey that's a giant palm pilot!" to the "Where's the keyboard?" to the "OMG, you just broke your laptop!!"

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