Monday, November 07, 2005

GetRightPro 6.0 Beta with podcast support!

I have a persistent irritation.  It doesn’t involve my difficulties with my adopted culture or language (thought they both have their share).  It doesn’t have to do with my ministry, though that happens from time to time.  It goes like this:  Two days ago I finished downloading a number of podcasts that I enjoy.  I’ve configured MediaPlayer to sync with my Sony CLIE TH55 so I synced my CLIE and went outside to haul firewood up to our apartment…it’s beginning to get cold here!  I’d downloaded the latest couple of History Podcasts on the Balkans.  Hey, that’s where I live!  At any rate, I loaded up my firewood carrier and began to haul firewood only to find out that my podcasts ended after 2-3 minutes.  Crud.

Back in the early days of podcasting (14 months ago) I tried a number of clients, none of which seemed to work right.  So I ended up simply downloading the podcasts I wanted directly out of my Newsgator add-in for Outlook.  For about a year I’ve been using GetRight to actually manage those downloads for me, and it’s worked well.  In fact, I’m fairly taken with it.    Why?

  1. I can schedule downloads.  With my internet connection I have to be able to schedule downloads during the nighttime hours.
  2. I can pause and resume most downloads (where those servers support it).
  3. It has good support for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  4. I know exactly how big the download is, and how much is left to download at any given point.

Now GetRight has released Beta 4 of their latest version 6.0 release.  One feature of the upgrade really caught my eye.  Version 6.0 is adding podcast support!  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working with both iPodder Lemon and Doppler  (again) and still haven’t gotten them to work properly.  In both cases the programs report that the podcasts have been downloaded when, in fact, they hadn’t.  I don’t know why, though I’ve explored the forums.  I’m sure that there is a rational reason, but with both those clients there is little transparency into the actual download process.  With the GetRight podcast support we have full transparency of the process and the ability to schedule the downloads.  I know as the download starts how large it is and when the WHOLE podcasts has downloaded.  So far I am only trial-ing one of my feeds, but I’m loving what I’m seeing.  Check it out.




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