Thursday, November 10, 2005

FW: OneNote Daily Journal v1.0.1 update

Andy Gray posted an upgrade to his very, very cool OneNote Daily Journal PowerToy.  It’s got some minor bug fixes and is probably worth the download, especially for Thinkpad owner who lack the in/famous Win-key.  He also explains the difficulty with using stationary with the PowerToy.

Thanks for all the comments we’ve received on the OneNote Daily Journal powertoy through blog postings, email, and forums!  Based on your feedback, I made some minor changes to the utility tonight:

  • You can now single-click the icon in the notification area of the task bar, instead of double-clicking it.  This is more consistent with the OneNote Side Note icon, and is slightly more convenient when using a pen on a Tablet PC.
  • You can now select between Windows+J and Ctrl+Alt+J as a hot key to invoke the Daily Journal feature.  This is more convenient for ThinkPad users, who don’t have a Windows key on their keyboards.
  • The powertoy is now omitted from the Alt-Tab task list.
  • Bug fix: the spurious gray rectangle that sometimes appeared on the desktop has been removed.

Daily Journal v1.0.1 is now available on the TabletDev Download page.

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