Tuesday, November 22, 2005

English Standard Version Bible for Tablet PC now available...and more to come!

Some of us enjoy reading our Bibles on our tablets.  While the field is still quite young, Rob Bushway has been doing a lot of work developing area.  Rob has just reached an agreement with Good News Publishers to make the ESV available.  If you read his blog and the comments you’ll see additional information about the NIV, developing a stand-alone app for Bible reaching and other good stuff.


I’ve had difficulty thus far getting on the Bible-on-Tablet bus.  First, I personally have deep and abiding loathing for the PlanPlus software (borne out of two separate and full-price purchases that never worked right for me).  I will never, ever buy Plan Plus for any platform ever again.  GoBinder, on the other hand, is a solid, well regarded package.  But, if you’re not a student, GoBinder isn’t something you’re going to run out and purchase just to read your Bible on.  All this explains Robs desire to create a stand-alone product for Bible reading that I’m really hopeful about.


We’ve talked (okay, maybe cross-commented) a little about Onenote’s usability in this regard, especially as both of us are beta-testing the new version.  Thanks Rob for all your hard work on this!


Through a licensing arrangement with Good New Publishers, I’m pleased to announce the availability of the English Standard Version (ESV) for the Tablet PC via http://www.tabletbible.com/ . Like previous offerings, this Bible is free.

It has been specially formatted with wide margins and double spacing for notetaking. In addition, it includes the awesome footnotes and red letter formatting that you have come to expect from the ESV Bible. Either GoBinder 2005 or Plan Plus for Windows XP is required.

Download the new Bible here: www.tabletbible.com/esv.pli . After downloading, import it into GoBinder / Plan Plus by going to File / Import and point to the location where you stored it on your local computer. Then specify where you want it imported to. I’d recommend creating a Bible tab and importing it there.

Non GoBinder / Plan Plus users: I am working on another version of the ESV either as a stand alone application or to work in OneNote. If it is a stand alone version, it will be more than a Bible markup tool. I’d like for it to be a general purpose book markup and notetaking tool. More on that later.

Donations are more than welcome to help offset current and future licensing costs, hosting, and future development. Visit http://www.tabletbible.com/ to make a donation.

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Rob Bushway said...

shoot me an email so we can talk about OneNote....I have a test notebook to send you - would love your feedback on it.

rob at zoeinc dot com