Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nice upgrade to DocSyncer

Last week I wrote about a nice new service called DocSyncer, which synchronizes your desktop docs with your Google Docs account.  Yesterday they announced a much needed, and appreciated, upgrade.  With the new version you can:

  • Open desktop docs right into GDocs through a file association.
  • Open files on your desktop through the your browser.
  • find support for RTF, TXT, CSV, and HTML as well as the ability to turn off certain file types. 
  • Change your Google Docs account
  • Edit which folders are included in the synchronization

They're also working on:

    • Google Apps for Your Domain support.  We hear you and it's coming soon!
    • Google Docs Folder Support - Through Google's API, we have no way to assign documents to folders.  We'd very much like to do this so your Google Docs account is just as organized as your computer.  We're trying to work with Google to add support soon.

This is a great set of new features and answers some of the issues I have with DocSyncer.  I'm happy to hear, for example, that they're working on syncing folders with GDocs and allowing users to choose which folders are synced.  Great move DocSyncer!

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