Monday, July 23, 2007

Tricking out Google Reader...more Greasemonkey goodness.

 LifeHacker just pointed to a great collection of fifteen Google Reader customizations that have taken care of my last remaining gripes with the feed reader.

I wrote a couple of days ago about adding a search box to Google Reader (which is one of the fifteen).  But from the fifteen remaining scripts in this great round-up, here are the three real life-savers.

imageGoogle Reader Preview Enhanced - This script allows you to see the original post in its original layout, complete with comments, from within Reader.  I like this because it saves me from loading up another tab to check on a posts comments.  Pretty slick!

Auto-add feed to Google Reader - This script skips the annoying option of whether you want to subscribe and add the feed to Google homepage or Google Reader.  This is dumb to me...of course I want to subscribe in Reader.  This script is a real time-saver.

image Google Reader + -

This is a real time-saver too...sort of.  Now you can save the current blog-post right to your account.  The script is still a little rough.  it doesn't add common tags for the post (unlike the Firefox extension) and you have to log-in to each time you tag something.  It's still easier than opening the original post in a new window, however.

Google Reader is just getting better and better.  Like with most things today, however, the developer community is ensuring that the product continues to develop.


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Jonathan said...

The really ironic part to me is I got here via Google Reader. Thanks for the tips.