Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Books: An awesome shopping tool

Who doesn't love books?  Who can't afford all the books they'd like to read?  If you're serving in some far away place you probably order all your books online.  But Amazon doesn't always have the lowest price on your next great read.

bookprice Check out Booksprice  a handy book-seller comparison tool.  Enter your book's title, author or ISBN number and Booksprice will return a gazillion different purchasing options, all sorted by price. 

You'll see how Amazon compares with Barnes & Noble against Ebay and Half.com

Of course, you still have to have that friend or family member send your new book to you in the latest care package, but at least you got a great deal up front.

via DuctTapeMarketing


華榮光 said...

Thanks for the heads-up once again Jeff (although I think I bought enough books recently to last for a while!). I've used Pronto occasionally for this task as well (see below). I'll have to compare a few prices between the two sometime.


Jeff said...

Hey Mark, thanks for the tip. That look like a good plug-in too. Have you compared a book on both BookPrice and the firefox extension? That would be interesting!