Sunday, March 11, 2007

Remembering all the names!!!

Light posting lately.  I'm still out visiting the churches of my parent organization, the Christian & Missionary Alliance.  What a privilege it has been to meet so many people that make my organization a great one.  I'm traveling around North Carolina at the moment, a five week tour that will take me to twenty churches when I finish.  Each one of the those churches has around 60-150 in it.  Each one of those people have a name.

So many names. 

Remembering people's names is challenging for many people, yet no sound is as sweet to someone as the sound of their own name. 

The folks over at the Ririan Project have a great post on how to remember people's names.  They list nine steps which were a great review for me last night.  Honestly, I'm slacking in the mental discipline necessary to remember 10-15 new names each day.  This post was a good reminder, encouragement and refresher on how to do it more effectively.

I'd list those nine steps briefly here, but then you wouldn't read the post.!  If you are in a position that involves regularly meeting people and learning names, this post is worth your while.

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