Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Free 10 minutes with Skype

Everyone once in a while Skype offers freebies; in this case it's 10 free minutes to normal landlines and mobile phones.  Get yours here.  This offer will probably disappear shortly.


Stephanie said...

Hi there. I love Skype and Jesus! =) 'Recently finished my counseling degree and life coaching certification at seminary. 'Been thinking what a great resource it would be to offer counseling/coaching to missionaries through Skype. Thoughts? Feedback? ...and btw, I think it's GREAT that you're a techno-Jesus person. Go God!

Jeff said...

Stephanie, thanks for stopping by and making a comment.

I think you've got a great idea. You'd have to build a client base somehow, which might be challenging. You could offer to do seminars and stuff for missionary training conferences, etc., That way you'd have some face-to-face time in "meat space" before trying to continue to coach/council over the Internet.

Skype might be a pretty good tool for offering something like that. Great idea and good luck.