Friday, March 30, 2007

Prescient post - Flight's canceled

Yesterday I posted about Google's flight information service (courtesy of which allows you to send a message to Google and receive back your flight information.

I had occasion to use that very service this morning.  I showed up at the airport at 5AM for a 6AM flight to San Jose.  I got that uncomfortable feelings as soon as I saw the long lines at check-in.  Having only a carry on, I walked to the self-check-in kiosk and started the process.  A minute later the screen told me that I should talk to an couldn't complete my request.

I texted Google my flight number and found that my flight had been canceled.  Since it also returned the airline reservation number, I was off and (trying) to get rebooked almost immediately.

Good stuff...except I'm still supposed to be somewhere else right now...

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