Wednesday, January 03, 2007

More Skype Extras

Jaanus over at the Skype blog announced another extra today called Unyte.  Unyte is a document sharing facility built into Skype that allows you to share documents, applications and even desktops with others you're speaking with.

Unyte is great for when you’re discussing a project with colleagues. If you are on a conference call with four co-workers and want to discuss a project plan you have all been working on, use Unyte to share the document with everyone on the call and any updates you make will be seen straight away by everyone.



This probably isn't for everyone, but it's another example of how the barriers of distance are collapsing around us.  Skype is really making online collaboration approachable for the masses, for the poor, and for the technically challenged.  Seriously, the things that Skype, and other IP Communications companies, are offering are bringing this kind of technology down to home-espresso-maker level.  They're still not for everyone, but they're becoming for more and more the regular folk.

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