Thursday, January 11, 2007

Great Firefox tip: Ctrl-Enter

Descapa, over at the OneNote Extensibility blog gives a great usability tip for Firefox today.  You may have run accross this before, but if not its worth checking out.

. If you type "cnn" and then hit ctrl-enter it will prepend the "www." and append ".com" so you have "" which is great!

Just today I got a Starbucks gift card and I wanted to see the balance on the card and to do so I would need to go to "" as it was printed on the back of the card. I had already opened Firefox and I typed starbucks in the address bar and at this point I would go through the effort to hit home type www., hit end type .com and then "/card" but instead I just typed "starbucks/card" and I hit Ctrl-Enter and Firefox filled in the rest for me so I went to It was just too awesome.

I tried it again, for example the OneNote site is: so I just typed "microsoft/office/onenote" and Ctrl-Enter and it went to the right site! Sadly this doesn't work in IE 7 : ( However I was just very pleased to see this feature working and just how I would try it too!


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Dr. D's Diagnosis said...

Dude, as always a great pleasure to chat with you on Skype and I was going over your feeds on GoogleReader, which I like the price of much better than the endo you recommended :-) But I just had to tell you that we have been juststupid1490 typing in the site without the www. and .com forever on our macs. Hey if Hyatt uses a mac, maybe you should too :-)

Jeff said...


DJ_Krysus said...

So you can actually change the www and .com to whatever you like (handy when you live in!!!)

Go to about:config filter on prefix (for www) and suffix (for .com) and change the value of those preferences

.... now i just have to save myself all the keystrokes i just used typing this message.

Jeff said...

dj_krysus, thanks for the the tip! That's great to know. I didn't know you could edit about:config to change those defaults. Cool.