Saturday, January 20, 2007

How to manage kids in the Home Office

WebWorkerDaily has a great article today on managing kids and the home office.  As a missionary, whether I'm on the field or on home assignment in the US, I do much of my planning, studying and administrative work from my home.  I would imagine this is true of most missionaries.  At the same time, I have two beautiful little girls who frequently want and need daddy's time and attention.  What to do?

WWD frames the discussion with this question: Are you going to leave the door to your (literal or figurative) office open or closed to your kids?  The author decides to leave it "open" and gives a number of great suggestions for managing work and kids at home.

This is a question that I've struggled with as well and have also decided to keep the door open.  It's something of a relief to realize that work-at-home parents from many professions are dealing with the same issues.

If you're wrestling with how to be both mom or dad at home, and gainfully employed, check out the WWD posts and comments.

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