Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Picasa Web Album

Google project manager Adrian Graham wrote about yet another Google beta-product a couple of days ago.  Called Picasa Web Albums, it allows you to seemlessly upload and share your photos from your computer. 

Picasa is a great, free, desktop photo managemeant tool from Google but has long lacked the ability to upload to Flickr or other online social photo-sharing services.  Picasa Web Albums will give you 250 MB of storage for your photos, with additional upgrades available.  Sample albums are available here but there doesn’t seem much in the way of tagging or sharing available yet.  On the other hand, there aren’t any ads either.

This is an interesting offering, especially given what we’re reading about Google fatigue lately.  I think it actually answers a need in to the Google product line.  Of course, I’d much rather Picasa just plug into Flickr, but with Flickr owned by Yahoo, that’s probably not too likely.

Right now PWA is by invitation only (I don’t have one) but more news should be out soon.


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