Thursday, June 15, 2006

My short article on

The great guys over at invited me to contribute an article on living in ink as missioanry.  If you’re interested, check it out.


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing that window on your life - the picture really makes a terrific point that even a non-techie concerned with great communication can easily understand :-)

My husband has a tablet PC and loves to use it for taking notes in church.

Jeff said...

Beth, thanks for stopping by and I[m glad the pic was helpful.

Anonymous said...

You should get a MAC! lol

Former CMA FD

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Jeff,

I too worked in Kosovo for a couple of years as a volunteer and enjoed it a great deal. I run a Tablet blog named UberTablet and found your article very warming. Not only was the tech side fun but it brought back lots of memories regarding my own Kosovo Tales.

Feel free to say hello on my blog and link back to it. I have a podcast that outlines my journey in Kosovo too.

I'll catch up wth you soon.

Jeff said...

Thanks for stopping by. Your name is, of course, very familiar, but I didn't know you worked in Kosovo. Small world!

The playground that you funded is still very much in use fact, my own two girls love it. Thanks for your work here!

I'll check out the podcast as well.

Thanks again for the visit.

Hugo Ortega said...

It truly is a small place we live in Jeff. God bless you and your family and may the park, and all the richess of Kosovo, fill you as they did me!

Keep up the fantastic effort.