Friday, December 09, 2005

An unexpected use for my Tablet PC

Last weekend we were in Macedonia for an annual team event.  I serve on the “Field Leadership Team,” an elected group of mission leaders and during the weekend the FLT sat to meet briefly on a number of pressing issues.  Since I’m the newest guy, I’m tasked with taking minutes for the meeting.  I’ve really enjoyed the freedom that a tablet gives me to engage in a group, sit in a circle of chairs, and generally make the technology low-key.  Because of that, I was taking all the minutes in ink using Word. 

Suddenly, I heard my 3-year-old daughter begin crying in the corridor outside.  She entered the meeting room, having fallen down and was unhurt, but upset.  As she climbed up on my lap, I didn’t miss a beat writing the minutes for the meeting.  I could easily hold her with my left hand and write with the other.  Try doing that with a traditional laptop! 

A tablet just makes doing everything you normally do with a laptop that much more easy and flexible.

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