Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Office 12: Beta 1-derful: The 'Top 30' List

If you've been reading geeky magazines lately, you will have noticed that the next version of Microsoft Office is being released next year.  Code names "Office 12," it has been touted as the most significant upgrade or redevelopment of Office ever...or at least in a long time.  I'm inclined to agree!  I for the last several weeks I've been involved in the beta test of this new version and am loving it.  While I can't talk about all that is the new products, I can repost what Microsofties have been saying about it.
Jensen Harris is probably one of the most prolific MS (technical) bloggers writing today about Office 12.  A couple of weeks ago he put together a list of the most significant articles on the new version.  If you're interested in learning more about the new user interface, check these out:

Consider this list a "best-of" from my first two months of blogging.

Posts about the Ribbon and how it works:

Posts about Galleries, Formatting, and Results-Oriented Design:

Why did we make a new UI for Office 12?

The philosophies, ideas, and design tenets behind the new UI:

Usability techniques and validation of the new UI:

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