Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Michael Gartenberg picks the X41 ThinkPad as Notebook of the Year

This is making it’s way around the tablet geek blogs very, very quickly.  Michael Gartenberg of Jupiter Research, has named the IBM/Lenovo X41 his Notebook of the Year.  He didn’t say Tablet of the year, but notebook.  How about that!  It’s not perfect, but I really, really enjoy mine.  People over focus on raw performance and under appreciate the build, features, quality, battery life, etc.  This is a great laptop!

He writes:

Lenovo X41 Tabelt PC
”...the X41 is the successor to my laptop choice last year, the fabulous x40. IBM added a few tweaks here and there but mostly addressed my single biggest issue, the lack of Tablet functionality. Now that’s been addressed and the x41 is a killer system. It’s the first Tablet PC I’ve used where there is no penalty at all for the Tablet OS feature. It just works as a great notebook and when you need it in Tablet mode (like in that middle seat in coach on the way to CES) it’s just there for you.”

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