Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Tracy's Reflection on the Past 36 Days

Even though I’m not a student anymore, and even though I only recently moved to a Tablet PC, I’ve been following Tracy & Trever over at The Student Tablet PC blog.  A few weeks ago (maybe more than a month now), Tracy’s Toshiba tablet fell out of her backpack…and it broke.  She’s been messing around with Toshiba customer service ever since.  For the time being she’s using a loner tablet, though not without problems.


At any rate, she’s just posted some really great comments on life as a tablet-using student without the benefit of her tablet.  She wrote a lot more, but here’s a taste.  Now that I’ve been using my own tablet for about a week, I can definitely see where she’s coming from.  Tracy scans most/all of her textbooks into her tablet where she can take notes, hyperlink, etc.


Because of the annoying jumping cursor, I've been using regular pen and paper more than usual...definitely more than I like.  A few things I've noticed:

  • I can't stand writing on loose-leaf paper anymore. The loose part of it drives me crazy.
  • I also can't stand the wire rings on binders I have to deal with as a lefty, leaving me with just notepads and the ones with the spiral on top.
  • The is no pen in existence--I've checked--that writes as smooth and as saturated as my tablet pen. Period.

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