Saturday, October 29, 2005

Organize your open windows with Deskloops

I ran across this in either Endgadget or Download Squad yesterday.  I’ve bee looking for a better task switcher for my X41 Tablet PC when I’m in tablet mode.  I’ve been Alt-Tab’ing my through open apps for as long as I can remember, but for obvious reasons, you can’t do that when your keyboard is folded up under your screen.  I’ve experimented with another very simple app call TaskModule.  It works very well, has a very small footprint and doesn’t take any screen real-estate to speak of.  Deskloops does the same thing (helps switch between tasks, but does it with a lot of bling.



Deskloops does this by arranging windows along a virtual horizontal loop. At any one time, you'll see window open on screen as usual, but in fact any number of other windows, set on that loop, can be rotated in from left or right. A strip of thumbnails on top of the screen maps the loop's full content.


Deskloops is kind of hard to visualize, but check out the flash demo and see what you think.  I’ve got a few problems with the scroll bars on the right, however.  Sometimes when I want to scroll down a web-page, for example, I end up with my windows spinning around in circles.  I’m sure it’s a user problem though.  We’ll give it a try for seven days or so and decide to whether to keep it or not.  It’s visually pretty cool and it’s free (but still in beta).  Give it a try.

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